ANDREWS FASHION STUDIO is a company producing high quality men’s and ladies’ ready-to-wear clothes. The serious marketing success is a precondition for the establishment of company stores. Due to the creative employees and the flexible leadership the company has 17 working shops. It is impending the opening of new trade projects in central positions in Varna, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, “Mladost” – Sofia. The policy of no compromise for the quality and the desires of the clients is a priority of the company since its establishment. For its 12 years history ANDREWS FASHION STUDIO succeeded in making a reputation as one of the most celebrated and refined fashion companies.ANDREWS LADIES FASHION is committed to create ready-to-wear clothes with the highest of quality standards. The combination of the best fabrics with the precise tailoring presents to our customers high level collections.In pursuit of elegance, refinement and sophistication ANDREWS LADIES FASHION aspires to create seasonal ranges of luxury and business ready-to-wear aimed to the clients that appreciate the quality and the fashion. By means of communication with the principals of the modern design we focus over the consistent and contemporary range of products, whose message is inspired by the needs and lifestyle of our customers.
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